Decorative Aggregates

1 ½ Inch Riverstone

1 ½ Inch Riverstone: Riverstone or river rock is a washed round decorative stone that is frequently used around flower beds and walkways in many landscaping applications.  It is also used to inhibit weed growth and assist with drainage.

1-3 Inch Riverstone

1-3 Inch Riverstone: Like it’s smaller counterpart listed above, 1-3 inch riverstone / river rock is used in decorative landscaping applications. Larger riverstone sizes tend to be used more specifically in decorative applications as the larger stones are less suited for walking on.

3/8 Inch Pea Gravel: 3/8 inch Pea Gravel is a round gravel free of any sand or foreign material. It is primarily used for drainage purposes, but many people use it in walkways, around stepping stones, to keep dust and stone particles down or as a decorative product in landscaping and some concrete products. This inexpensive and attractive pea sized option is a favorite choice amongst many seasoned landscapers for its permeability and versatility.  This aggregate does not compact well and produces a soft surface.


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