Maybe you’re a contractor or construction company looking to get the most from a waste bin rental in Caledon. We can move both large-scale and small-scale piles of bulk trash for you.

Here are some tips for fitting garbage into one of our dumpsters so you get the most for your money.

Think About Shape and Size

Considering the shape and size of what you must throw out is one of the first steps. Organizing what needs to go out before the bin arrives makes sense. Remember, certain hazardous materials can’t be disposed of in one of our bins. Everything you need to know is right on our website. Don’t forget that you can put smaller items inside larger ones to save space.

Arrange Bulk Trash Into A Waste Bin Rental in Caledon Strategically

There’s a strategy involved in getting the most from a rental bin. Heavier items can go on the bottom to provide a stable foundation base. If you’ve got smaller items like brick and debris from renovations, you can use them to fill in the gaps and hollow spaces.

Categorizing some debris from a construction site or renovation project also helps. If you have the time, putting items like plastic, cardboard, wood, and metal together can make it easier to stack things in the bin.

Before Your Waste Bin Rental In Caledon Arrives

There are a few things that you can do before the bin arrives to make the process go smoothly. Moving your company’s vehicles out of the driveway or loading area is a good idea. A rental bin will need room to be dropped off and later picked up.

Don’t forget these bins are usually quite heavy. Make sure you pick a stable, robust surface so the container can stand the weight of the load.

Several Different Options

Essential Disposal has several different bin rental options in Caledon choices for you. We can usually provide an excellent same-day service. However, to make sure, we suggest you phone us or get in touch so we can ensure the bin is available at least 24 hours in advance.

The dumpsters we supply have double doors at the back for your convenience and easy loading. Contact us today to find the right size that meets your needs.