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There are a vast array of aggregates, soils and mulches available to use for your garden or landscaping project, each with their own characteristics and suitability.

Granular A

Granular A: Granular A is a crushed sandy gravel product that is ideally suited for grading and base in projects involving interlocking stone, concrete, retaining walls and paving. Granular A is known for its drainage and frost reduction qualities. It is a very stable crushed gravel product.

¾ Inch Crusher Run

¾ Inch Crusher Run: Crusher run is often the product of choice to create hard packed surfaces, such as bases for roads, and it’s also commonly used to in driveway construction. It is characterized as having more angular stones, ranging from silt to ¾ inch. It allows for better interlocking ability than smooth stones and will allow water to drain through it.

Brick Sand

Brick Sand: Brick sand has a fine texture and is frequently used in creating mortar for brick and stone work. It’s also often used in the construction of above ground swimming pools, and in sandboxes. Brick sand can also be mixed with heavier clay soils for use in certain drainage applications.

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand: Concrete sand is used in combination with a coarse aggregate to create concrete. It can also be used in septic systems and as bedding for pipes or as a bedding course for interlock pavers. Concrete sand is a washed sand product, so it’s applications include anything that requires clean, graded sand.

1 ½ Inch Riverstone

1 ½ Inch Riverstone: Riverstone or river rock is a decorative stone that’s frequently used around flower beds and walkways in many landscaping applications.

1-3 Inch Riverstone

1-3 Inch Riverstone: Like the smaller size of riverstone listed above, 1-3 inch riverstone / river rock is used in decorative landscaping applications. Larger riverstone sizes tend to be used more specifically in decorative applications as the larger stones are less suited for walking on.

3/8 Inch Pea Gravel

3/8 Inch Pea Gravel: 3/8 inch Pea Gravel is a round gravel free of any sand or foreign material. It is primarily used for drainage purposes, but many people use it in walk ways to keep dust and stone particles down or as a decorative product in landscaping and some concrete products. This aggregate does not compact well and produces a soft surface.

¾ Inch Clear Limestone

¾ Inch Clear Limestone: This limestone product is mainly used in drainage projects and under concrete. There is very little settling that occurs with this product, because of the fact that fines have been removed from it. It’s frequently used for drainage under foundations, around weeping tile or under decks and more. It can also be mixed with concrete.

Limestone Screenings

Limestone Screenings: This product, also known as stone dust, is typically used as the final layer in base preparation for laying patio or interlocking stones.  It can also be used for driveway or walkway / pathway projects. It’s generally great for leveling, so it’s often used in regrading and is commonly used on baseball diamonds.

High Performance Bedding

High Performance Bedding (HPB): HPB is a versatile product for many types of projects. It is a ¼” angular, washed limestone material that is both free draining and deters soil migration. This is of great benefit as a base and/or drainage layer under pavers and behind retaining walls and more. It can also be used for pipe bedding. It is 97% compacted without the need for compaction equipment and greatly reduces settling versus crushed stone and sand.


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