Kitchen renovations help increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell, but they also help you do more with the space you have. Maybe you’re updating an outdated kitchen, or finally able to afford high-end appliances. Perhaps you’re just tired of your cabinets and want something different. No matter what the situation, garbage bins for kitchen renovations are important considerations.

When choosing your bin, make sure you get the right size. Depending on the amount of renovation, you may need a smaller bin, but if you’re replacing everything from the cabinets to the flooring to the appliances, you’ll want to go larger. Four cubic yard garbage bins for kitchen renovations might be good for small projects, but larger ones will benefit from a 10, 14 or even 20 cubic yard bin.

Next, make sure that the bin is on rollers and that it is set on wood to protect your driveway from scratching, cracking and other damage. Of course, professional delivery and setup is preferred here – chances are good that you don’t have a way to get the bin to your location.

Finally, make sure that you have a way to dump the waste generated by your renovation project. Some materials can be recycled, while others need to be taken to the landfill. The right partner will ensure that your waste is taken to a licensed sorting station for just this purpose.

At Essential Disposal, we offer Mississauga garbage bins for kitchen renovations, as well as larger bins for bigger projects. We provide flat rate pricing that includes delivery, setup, removal and disposal of your waste, as well. Call us today at 416-853-3000 to learn more about why we should be your partner.