From residential improvement projects to new construction to park development to business needs, landscape supplies in Toronto are in huge demand. They’re also available in a very wide range of types. You’re not limited to landscaping timbers and compost alone. In fact, working with the right company will give you access to a very broad range of landscaping supplies.

When purchasing landscape supplies in Toronto and other areas around GTA, your first consideration will be whether the company can deliver organic supplies. While you might assume that all landscaping soil and mulch is organic, that’s not the case. Mulch is often dyed with chemical-based dyes, and even soil can contain harsh chemicals and other unwanted elements that can cause problems with your plants.

Another important consideration when purchasing landscape supplies in Toronto is whether the company will deliver, or if they require you to pick up your order. Obviously, professional delivery is the better option (always verify the delivery rates as well).

As a final note, make sure the company offers access to a wide range of soil types, as well as gravels, aggregates and mulches. The more options available to you, the more likely it is that you’ll find the right choice for your specific needs (because no two landscaping projects are identical).

Essential Garden Supplies takes pride in offering the highest quality landscape supplies for Toronto area home and business owners. Our organic topsoil enhances growth and plant health, and we supply multiple types of mulch and gravel as well. Call us today at 416-853-3000 to discuss your project and let us suggest supplies based on your specific needs.