We all want to eliminate waste and move toward a sustainable way of life. There are eco-savvy ways of getting rid of yard, garden, and organic waste. It’s not a difficult task, and doing so will help to reduce the negative footprint we leave on the earth. Here are some ways of eliminating waste you might want to consider when doing a yard cleanup, and disposing of organic waste.

The Yard and Garden

Waste that can be found in your garden and around your yard includes branches, grass clippings, plant material, and any other things that grow in your yard. By saving this waste and turning it into compost, you can feed your soil rich nutrients that will in turn help it to grow lush greenery.

Composting at Home

If you’re able to compost items, you’re doing yourself and the earth a real favour. Recycled grass clippings, leaves, and other plant items can be thrown into a compost bin with veggie and fruit waste. When it’s all broken down, it can be added to the soil around plants to provide much-needed nutrients. It’s a win-win situation.

Leave It at the Curb

Most municipalities have curbside pickup for garden, yard, and organic waste. Check your region’s listings of when that happens. You will also be able to find out what they won’t take. For instance, many municipalities won’t take leaves, so it’s best to compost those. If you have an overabundance of this type of waste, call a waste management company for information on a waste management bin rental.

Composting Sites

Your municipality may have areas where you can bring organic waste, such as fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds, and basically anything that is not fatty or oily. Contact your city or town hall for a list of drop-off locations and to find out if there is any charge. A plus with these sites is that you can get ready-made compost!

Bag It up

If you put your yard and garden waste out for pickup, you will have to use proper compostable bags. Most municipalities want residents to use paper bags, which are readily available at hardware stores. For organic waste, residents can get a small green bin. They, too, will be picked up at the curb if you’re not composting.

If you have too much of this kind of waste to handle, it’s best to call for quotes on a waste management bin rental. They come in many sizes to accommodate your needs.