Any number of projects can generate a significant amount of waste that must be disposed of properly. A large trash bin rental provides the space needed for proper disposal, and the right rental company can even ensure that your waste is removed and dumped properly.

With a large trash bin rental, you’ll find a number of different options in terms of actual bin size. For instance, a 20 cubic yard bin offers plenty of room for moderate to large projects. A 30 cubic yard bin offers even more space. A 40 cubic yard trash bin offers the maximum amount of space for larger projects.

When choosing a bin rental, make sure that the bin itself is up to the task. You’ll want higher sides to ensure maximum loading capabilities, but you should also make sure that the bin features opening doors on one end to allow for ease of entrance during the initial loading stages. Otherwise, workers could be forced to throw waste in over the side, which can cause serious injuries.

Another consideration is whether or not the bin rental company will deliver the trash bin and set it up properly at the site. Make sure that delivery is included with the rental price, and that the company sets the bin up on blocks to prevent damage to asphalt, concrete or earth under the bin.

At Essential Disposal, we can offer a wide range of large trash bin rental options, complete with delivery, setup and dumping. Call us today at 416-853-3000 to learn more about our bin sizes, as well as our pricing. We offer flat rate pricing starting at just $240, which includes delivery, pickup and dumping.