There are many different articles that get thrown out during a major renovation. A disposal bin rental in Mississauga is a big part of efficient waste management for contractors and homeowners taking on big projects. Residential renovation projects are an important aspect of getting rid of the debris.

Safety First

These bins are an excellent idea from a safety perspective. There can be a variety of sharp objects scattered around your renovation including nails and screws. Floors that are covered by garbage during any job can be a safety hazard.

Debris left lying around can actually cover holes and other hazards that can cause a serious injury.

Cost Efficiency

Having a disposal bin rental in Mississauga at the job site is efficient and cost-effective. One can be delivered right to the location of the project you’re working on. All building materials like wood and drywall plus broken-down furniture and other types of waste can be put into a bin and carted away.

There’s no need to make several trips to the local dump site.

These Bins are Environmentally Friendly

When you use the right company, all the waste that you generate during your renovation is delivered to a ministry licensed transfer station. That means it all gets processed and sorted so there’s only a minimal amount of landfill waste.

You Can Dispose Of Different Items in One

A big job can generate a lot of debris. Contractors and private homeowners can get rid of a variety of different types of waste in a rental bin that includes kitchen doors and cabinets.  Research points to the fact kitchen renovations like counter upgrades are among the three best projects with the highest return on investments.

Some of the other materials that can fit in a rental bin include plasterboard, and drywall as well as ceramic tiles plus laminate and hardwood flooring. Even outside renovations that include interlocking paving slabs and natural stone rocks are covered.

Essential Disposal can look after your needs if you’re looking for a disposal bin rental in Mississauga. We understand how stressful it can be to get rid of different types of renovation debris and waste. Why not get in touch with us today so we can look after refuse management for you?