Metal scrap bins in Mississauga must be handled correctly, and that applies to all types, from roofing and lumber to asphalt and metal scrap. Bins can be used to temporarily store waste metal and other materials, but what happens once the bin is full? This is a question too many organizations face without having a plan in place. At Essential Disposal, we can help with every step along the disposal chain.

For scrap metal bins, we can offer a broad range of sizes and capacities to meet your needs. Our smallest dumpster holds six cubic yards of waste, but we can offer bins all the way up to 40 cubic yards for the largest of projects. However, we don’t just rent disposal bins. We couple those rentals with a range of professional services.

We offer professional delivery of your bin, including setup on wood to prevent damage to the underlying surface. Once the bin is full, our professional team will remove it and take the waste to a Ministry of Environment licensed transfer facility. Here, the waste is sorted and processed, with recyclable material being removed and sent to a recycling center. When you choose metal scrap bins in Mississauga from Essential Disposal, you’re able to enjoy convenience, savings, professional service and help do your part for the environment.

Call Essential Disposal today at 416-853-3000 to learn more about our metal scrap bins in Mississauga, our low flat rate pricing, and the additional professional services we can offer.