scrap-metal-binScrap metal waste must be handled correctly to ensure safety, protection of the environment, and to prevent it from ending up in the landfill. Most types of metal can be recycled and reused, but if you don’t work with the right scrap metal bin rental company, that might not happen. At Essential Disposal, we can help ensure that you have the right solution to your needs, while also making sure that recyclable materials don’t make it to the landfill.

The first step is to choose the size of the scrap metal bin you need. Depending on the amount of waste being generated and the type of business in question, you might need something as small as a six cubic yard dumpster. However, if you generate a significant amount of metal waste due to fabrication or construction, then a larger dumpster is the better option. We can offer bins as large as 40 cubic yards in capacity to handle even the heaviest disposal needs.

You also need to ensure that your metal waste is being sent to a Ministry of Environment licensed transfer facility. Here, the waste is processed and sorted. The recyclable materials (like metal) are removed, while biodegradable waste is sent on to the landfill. This ensures that landfills do not fill up as quickly, but it also offers benefits in the way of reduced emissions and demand for raw materials.

We offer professional scrap metal bin service, starting at just $150, and you could get cash back from your scrap. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about any of the details, and can focus on running your business, rather than handling the waste generated.

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