When it comes to Richmond Hill Scrap metal collection, there’s a lot to consider if your getting into the business. The prices are always fluctuating. And you don’t really know which way they are going at any given time.

The market changes and we really can’t help you with that. But we’ve put together some of the good and bad practices for Richmond Hill scrap metal collection. These will help you get a good start.

Our disposal bins come in a variety of sizes. They are perfect for demolition and construction debris like scrap metal. If you need our help, just click on the convenient tab on our website. You can also call us and one of our team members will give you a quick quote.

That said, here’s some common Richmond Hill scrap metal collection mistakes that you want to avoid.

Strip That Wire 

Make sure that you get the most for your scrap metal. Separating the copper wire from it will increase your profit. There are some situations where that rule doesn’t apply. For example, if you’ve got some electric motors that your getting rid of.

It might take more time than it’s worth to strip the copper wire out in that case. Taking apart the steel casing eats up a lot of your time. Not only that, you’ll need to unwind all of the copper wire from inside.

Watch Out for Yards with a Bad Reputation

One of the advantages to using our services is you don’t need to deal with unreputable scrap yards. Some will give you clear answers about how they separate materials and pay for them. Others not so much.

The price of scrap metal is usually one of the biggest benchmarks. When you’re recycling, it’s always a good idea to compare the local prices with national averages. It’s a great system to get the most money for your Richmond Hill scrap metal collection efforts.

That even applies to recycling centres. Time is money and the closer the centre the more profit goes back in your pocket. One of the other deciding factors is hours of operation. Do you have a specific day that you want to ship the bin out? How about certain hours that are more convenient?

Richmond Hill Scrap Metal Collection and other Debris Too 

Of course, you don’t need to worry about selecting a good scrapyard when you use our services. Almost all construction and demolition waste can be recycled. We know exactly where to take it and how to deal with it in a cost-effective responsible manner.

What’s more, we even deal with much more than just scrap metal. Many projects have masonry materials like concrete and brick that need to be disposed of. We have a variety of different bins that can handle that.

Treated Wood

Got lumber that you need thrown out? We deal with that too including a variety of painted and coated products as well as treated wood. 

Essential Disposal can be your partner for recycling. Richmond Hill scrap metal collection is a big part of our initiative. There are other kinds of construction debris that can be turned into valuable resources.

We always recommend that you reduce, reuse and recycle.

Watch Those Scrap Metal Grades

 Scrap metal has different grades. It’s important that you know the difference between them to get the most for your recycling dollar. Don’t lose out because you’ve left insulated copper cable on the metal.

There are even different grades and kinds of stainless steel. It has a variety of different grades of nickel inside. The amount can affect the grade of the steel. Separating the materials as much as possible is a good idea. One idea is to designate one of your construction workers to the task.

Training them on what needs to be stripped and different grades of scrap metal make the process run much smoother.

A Few Words on The Prices

You want to do the right thing and recycle. But still, everyone’s concerned about the market price for scrap metal. The prices are always changing sometimes even within minutes.

There are a few reasons for the fluctuations. The price moves up and down just like the stock market. One of the big factors is industry demand. Industries like technology and electronics and their rates of production effect the prices.

There are some other factors you should know about. The prices shift according to the seasons. We have seen situations where the price changes a few times even in one day. More often than not, they change on a weekly basis. Got questions? We can answer all of your queries about Richmond Hill Scrap Metal Collection today. Get in touch.