There’s a lot of things you need to know to get Mississauga scrap metal collection right. Essential Disposal wants to help. We’ve got the bins you can rent. We also recycle what we haul away.

It’s all good for your business, good for the planet and good for our partnership with you.

Here’s a few Mississauga scrap metal collection ideas we’ve found work well. Hopefully these tips will help you out.

Aluminum Wire Can Pay Off

Don’t forget that you can recycle aluminum too. It’s considered an easier and cheaper solution to copper wire in some situations. It’s not always as good a conductor. But it’s lighter in weight and that makes it a valuable metal for recycling.

Stripping it down so you can get more money is a good idea. Make sure that you have all the proper equipment and safety tools.

Strip Aluminum Wire

Put together about 50 or more pounds before you start to strip aluminum wire. Anything less and you won’t be making a good profit.

Profitable Mississauga scrap metal collection techniques are always the first priority. That’s why you should know how to differentiate between steel and aluminum wire. Look for the shiny and more flexible product. That’s generally aluminum.

Here’s another way you can tell the difference. A steel rod might be placed in the middle of strands of aluminum wiring. That’s usually for extra strength.  A magnet is a great tool if you can’t see the difference visually. If there’s a steel center to the strand you want to recycle, the magnet will pick it up.

Our Services

The disposal been rentals that we offer come in a variety of different sizes. They are delivered and picked up so there’s no need for you to fuss with any logistics. You might be starting a brand-new construction project or just have a bunch of junk hanging around the house.

All you need to do to get started is click on the convenient tab on our website. Or you can call us directly to get a quick quote.

All of the bins that we have are convenient for industrial or residential uses. Double doors at the back make loading and unloading easy. We have all the right credentials. Essential Disposal Services is licensed and insured with the Ministry of the Environment.

Looking for a disposal bin that comes in a 4 to 40 yard capacity? We have what you need in those and recycling capabilities too. It’s important to stay with any environmental trends including recycling. In today’s engaged business world, that just makes sense.

Scraping Tools You Need to Have on Hand

Mississauga scrap metal collection is labor intensive. You’ll need to make sure that you have the right tools to get the job done properly. Everything that we list here will pay off in the end.

A good place to start is with the handheld tools that you will need for smaller scraping projects. Even stripping aluminum wire requires the right tool to get a profit. The more you try and improvise, the less money you make in the long run.

Clean copper and aluminum equals more money and that’s why most scrappers need to have a Sawzall. These are also an excellent way to strip down dirty radiators.

Wire Strippers

Some of the tools that we will list will require quite a bit of money. Others not so much. Smaller to medium size projects need a decent wire stripper. If you’re a construction site looking to recycle, having a processing area makes sense.

Having an electric wire stripper makes scrapping easier. It allows your workers to strip off different cable and wire sizes.

If you’re looking to invest a little bit more money on this side of things, you should look at a baler. These are a great way to bundle up some of the materials like scrap metal that you’ll want to ship. There are a variety to choose from including frontloading and standing bailers as well as automatic units.


Depending on the size of your operation, you might want to include some full-time or part-time material handlers. Lots of smaller outfits will designate certain people to handle recycling duties when the need arises.

For Safety

Everyone involved in this industry needs to be safe. Understanding how to lift properly is a good idea whether you’re on the construction site or at a home renovation project. Wearing the right kind of safety boots is also non-negotiable.

Being aware of your surroundings can also help you stay away from injuries. Take a quick look around for extra sharp pieces or anything that have nails sticking out of them as you walk around.

Finally, wearing the right gloves protects your hands from cuts, nails and sharp edges. Mississauga scrap metal collection is profitable and the eco-friendly thing to do.