If you’re passionate about gardening, then you know that the success of your flowers and vegetables is entirely dependent on the quality of your soil. So, when you’re buying garden soil, you want to be assured of getting the best possible mix. That’s exactly what we offer at Essential Garden Supplies as our Mississauga landscaping experts provide all the help.

The cornerstone of our garden supply line is our premium triple mix. It’s perfect for flower beds, and also for top dressing your lawn. Essentially, the name says everything – it’s a mix of peat moss, sand, and composted organics that works to provide a perfect growing medium while it extends the life of your existing soil.

If you have to fill a low area, you won’t do better than our landscape/shredded topsoil, a screened field soil that is shredded to remove clumps, rocks and debris. It’s ideal for any number of uses, and its spreading quality is outstanding.

Perhaps you’re more of a container gardener? If you love having plants in pots, or if you don’t have the room to actually cultivate a plot of land, you’ll appreciate our planting soil. It’s a combination of our shredded topsoil and triple mix, and it’s great for deep planters.

Whether you’re planting in a plot of land or in containers, you’re going to need mulch, so top everything off with our pine mulch. It’s a rich, fragrant, brown mulch that retards the growth of weeds while looking fantastic. All you need to do is top it off every 3 years or so.

To talk with one of our Mississauga landscaping experts, call Essential Garden Supplies at 416-853-3000.