You love to garden, but you hate weeds. That’s perfectly understandable. But, you can retard weed growth by using quality mulch and contact our Mississauga landscaping experts. Before we talk about mulch, though, let’s devote a little time to soil – after all, if you don’t have a proper growth medium for your plants, no amount of mulch is going to ensure healthy growth.

Essential can start your garden off with a quality soil with the help of our Mississauga landscaping experts. Our triple mix is ideal for top dressing your lawn or use in your flowerbeds. It’s a mixture of sand, peat moss and composted organics that provides an ideal growing medium, or it can be used to extend the life of your soil.

If you need to fill a low area, we recommend trying our landscape / shredded topsoil. It’s free of rocks, clumps and debris, and has a superior spreading quality.

Container gardeners will appreciate our planting soil, which is a mix of the triple mix and shredded topsoil – perfect for deep planters!

Now that you’ve got your garden growing, and your containers are doing well, you can think about mulch, and that’s where our pine mulch comes in. We think you’ll prefer it to cedar mulch. It’s rich and dark, and its very fragrant. All you need to do is spread it around your plants and top it off every few years for weed retardation and a pleasing visual effect.

To speak with one of our Mississauga landscaping experts, call Essential Garden Supplies at 416-853-3000.