It’s cold and damp outside and most people don’t equate the winter months with getting rid of unwanted items and cleaning out clutter, but winter just might be the perfect time for this job!

For a successful clean-up and easy winter disposal bin rental, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ensure a clean area for the bin

A disposal bin needs a place to rest, so before your bin is delivered, make sure to clean away any snow or ice in the place it will be located. You’ll also be working and walking around the bin and don’t want to fall and slip, or for anyone else to have an accident, either. Safety is important. Remember that snowstorms may be likely and so the bin should be placed in a spot that won’t impede snow shovelling or plowing. And make certain the bin can easily be picked up even in winter conditions. Keep the access to the bin free of snow piles. It’s hard to walk on a slick pathway on a blustery day so…

  • Shovel a path if the area is snow-covered;
  • Throw down salt or de-icer on the path to and around the bin;
  • Walk carefully.

Secure entries to disposal bins

With freezing temperatures come freezing locks, freezing doors, etc. Closing lids on bins will help keep falling snow and drizzle out of the bin and throwing some ice melt into the bin will stop what’s inside from freezing to the inside walls. Cold metal is difficult to touch, so covering fasteners and latches will make them easier to handle as well as protect them from the elements.

Cover up

Always use gloves when handling working around or handling a bin in cold weather. Touching frozen metal with bare hands can cause injuries that could have been prevented.

Look at the weather

If you’re planning on needing a bin for just a short while, looking at the weather forecast will help you to make plans on a timeframe for renting. Try to schedule drop off and pick up around any predicted storms or inclement weather.

Essential Disposal Services will answer any queries you have about renting a disposal bin during the winter. Give them a call and they will give you the best advice possible. They have bins for all of your disposal needs.