Limestone can look really good in any landscape, but you need to think about where you want to put it, and how much wear you expect it to endure. There are several grades of limestone. Low-grade, or Type 1 limestone, might not be resistant enough to water if you’re using it in a wet area or if it’s going to have to sustain a lot of traffic. Type 3 limestone, however, will tolerate almost any level of use. Limestone in Ontario comes in both grades.

Limestone can be used to build any number of things – in fact, the Empire State Building is made mainly of limestone. Limestone comes in a variety of colors, ranging from palest white to darkest black, and even red, so if you like, you can use a mix of colors in your landscaping.

In Ontario, limestone is mainly used for footpaths. It’s also used as veneer on walls to create the effect of a full tone wall without the weight. If you’re thinking of using limestone in your landscaping or outdoor construction, Essential Garden Supplies can offer a wealth of information. Call us at 416-853-3000. Ask about our other landscaping products, like quality topsoil and composting bins.

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