Dumpster owners know the convenience of having a waste disposal bin on their property. Dumpster care in the winter requires a little more effort than in the summer, but there are ways to keep your bin from freezing or becoming affected by other hazardous cold-weather conditions. Try our winter tips for dumpster owners and you will have no issues with your bin when it’s cold out.

Clear the area around the dumpster

Since most dumpsters are placed in the driveway or on your front lawn, it’s important that this area remains clear for you. To access your dumpster you’ll need to ensure that the area around it is free at all times so you can deposit materials safely without having to navigate around piles of snow, ice or even a parked car. If you are going to park your car in front or behind the dumpster, make sure you leave enough space to walk through the area and that the surface where you are leaving the dumpster is flat. Our dumpsters do not move on their own; however, a heavy snowfall or ice storm can cause them to shift and bump into your car.

Cover the dumpster at night

Animals, especially raccoons, will find their way into your dumpster even in the winter. In order to keep animals out of your dumpster, cover it overnight. Animals aren’t the only overnight threat; by covering your dumpster you are also ensuring that ice and snow do not get inside. Before closing the dumpster, sprinkle ice melting solution or salt to prevent the contents from freezing to the dumpster walls, bottom and lid.

Use gloves when opening and closing the dumpster

Cold weather brings with it frozen conditions. When the temperature dips below the freezing point, you may need to warm the latches and fasteners of your dumpster in order to open them. Wear gloves to handle your dumpster in the winter; otherwise you are exposing your bare skin to cold metal, which leads to injuries.

Do not block dumpster access

When it comes to pickups or emptying your dumpster, our team needs to be able to accomplish these tasks safely. Snow can pile up on and around the dumpster, in which case you will need to clear the area to allow our drivers and technicians to access your bin without the potential of injury. On days that you have requested pickup or emptying services, please ensure that the area around the dumpster isn’t blocked by snow or ice. Since you will be clearing the area regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you do not have a dumpster but need one this winter, contact us. At Essential Disposal, our dumpsters provide a safe way to dispose of your household or commercial waste.