Construction work is hard work and it also leaves a lot of mess in its tracks. But cleaning up after a construction job is finished is a simple process when you take some precautions during the construction job and enlist the help of a dumpster rental service afterwards.

  1. Stand up garbage sacks

    Get some really thick trash bags that can stand up on their own to throw garbage in as you go along. They have square bottoms and are made of heavy duty plastic. They can be purchased at hardware stores.

  2. Protect the floor

    If you’re not replacing the floor on a construction job, protecting it is a must. Canvas drop cloths are one of the best options. It’s hardier than paper and it’s reusable. Your client will appreciate the precautions you’ve taken to protect their floors.

  3. Create a junk station

    Earmarking an area for junk will make garbage easier to toss into a bin from your local dumpster rental service once your job is done. Creating such an area is pretty simple. Bring together a couple of sawhorses, lay some plywood on top and it’s a great spot for your tools, batteries, screws, nails and whatever else you might need on the job, including a radio and some bottled water or soda. Having all this stuff in one area makes cleanup quicker and less stressful.

  4. Pack smart

    Use every space of your dumpster. Place long boards lengthwise. Place big, heavy things, like old bathtubs, with the open side up so you can fill them in with garbage as well. You can fill in gaps with smaller pieces of debris. If the dumpster has a door, make sure it’s accessible so you can walk in. Your dumpster rental service will be able to guide you as to what size is best for your needs.

  5. Use sweeping compound

    Sweeping compound absorbs spills that are bound to happen on a construction site. It prevents dust when you’re pushing the broom around.

  6. Organize cleaning

    If you split cleaning into steps, it will be much easier. Even though everything should have been covered, there is bound to be dirt and dust everywhere, which will require a lot of vacuuming and probably carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Cleanup is a lot of work, but it has to be done. In addition to renting a disposal bin, you might want to think about getting a professional cleaning service in to do the cleanup afterwards if the construction company doesn’t do it for you.