Mattresses are rather difficult to move around. They’re large and bulky, and they can’t just be put out on the curb. Despite these issues, getting rid of them is not that difficult if you know how. There are several mattress disposal options you may want to consider when your mattress has seen better nights. A mattress shouldn’t be judged by its age alone, but if a mattress is older than 10 years, it is probably time to get rid of it. Other signs that your mattress may be ready for replacement include stains and tears, as well as things like frayed edges and compression indents.

Consider Donating

If your mattress still has some life, you might want to consider donating it to charity. Perhaps there is a women’s shelter that could use it or a single mom in need. You could also donate it to the Salvation Army or to Goodwill, or any other charitable organization.

Recycle It

If your mattress is not salvageable, you may be able to recycle it. Call your municipal office for more information. They may have a facility that you can drop the mattress off at, or you may be able to call a disposal company that will be able to have it recycled for you.

Toss It

If you’re not near a recycling centre and your mattress is not fit to be donated, you may just have to throw it out. In many cases, your municipality may not pick it up curbside. Call your local landfill site to see if they offer mattress disposal as part of their services, or contact a waste disposal company.

Other Options

  • Rent a dumpster: If you go this route, you’ll also be able to look around your home for other items you no longer have use for and throw them in the dumpster as well. Make use of all that space in the dumpster. Fill it to capacity while you have it.
  • Take it to the landfill: Most landfill or transfer stations will let you bring a mattress in directly. Check if there is a fee.
  • Call a junk removal service: Most areas will have businesses that will remove things for you, including mattresses. Give one of them a call.

Break It Apart

If you’ve got some time and you’re really ambitious, you could break it apart yourself. It will be easier to get rid of, but you may still might have to pay a fee for pick up. Check with your municipal office.