Essential Disposal offers several Mississauga waste bin rental choices. Being dedicated to the environment is another one of our priorities. That’s why we decided to put together some green renovation choices. Selecting some of these ideas when you are renovating will do good and lessen your carbon footprint.

Keep in mind that our Mississauga waste bin rental choices are dropped off and picked up. There’s nothing for you to do except plan and execute that bathroom or kitchen reno.

Here’s a few green ideas you should consider.

Heating and Insulation

Having poor heating and insulation can cost you money over time. Efficient insulation in particular is ecologically friendly and cost-effective. Here’s a good tip for making sure your installation will help you with your bottom line and carbon footprint.

The best way to gauge how well the insulation you pick works is by what’s called the R-value. The United States Department of Energy suggests that having an R-value of 60 makes your insulation green.

There are many different green options for heating your home. Geothermal is one of the more popular ones. It takes advantage of geothermal wells under the earth’s surface. That makes it one of the more environmentally friendly options.

Some of the other technologies that are good for the earth are more familiar.  Solar is one of them. Here’s a little tip that might involve some renovations in your home and the need for a Mississauga waste bin rental from us.

Solar Energy

Passive solar energy is the kind that uses your homes’ floors, windows and walls to store the sun’s energy. These passive solar technologies still need things like air-conditioners and heating units.

Renovations aren’t the only way that you can go green. Selecting building supplies closer to home cuts down on the amount of carbon emissions created by vehicles. The bin rentals we supply are good for a variety of different uses.

For example, you can use one of them to get rid of some of your old appliances. You might have moved into a brand-new place and want to switch out ones the previous homeowner left behind.

Mississauga Waste Bin Rental Sizes and Rates

We have bins that range in size from 4 yd.³ to 40 yd.³. We deliver them into tight spaces. If you need one in your driveway, that’s not a problem. All the rentals we have are outfitted with rollers to protect your asphalt. Loading isn’t a problem because everything that we have in our inventory has double doors.

Our rates fluctuate on a variety of different factors. They depend on the size of the bin as well as delivery and pick up charges and dumping fees. We pride ourselves on transparency. That means there are no hidden charges including ones for fuel or environmental fees.

Green Windows: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re interested in changing out your windows for green models, don’t forget our Mississauga waste bin rental service. There are some excellent benefits to changing your existing windows for environmentally friendly units.

First and foremost, your heating bills will drop drastically and that will lower your carbon footprint. That’s to say nothing of the government incentives for installing new windows in some areas. Some of these initiatives will pay you up to 20% on the expenses for installation.

Changing out your air conditioner is another area where you can go green. Experts recommend that you get rid of an existing wall unit or central air conditioning model after 10 to 15 years. Keeping one for too long pollutes the environment and drastically reduces efficiency.


Don’t let the name confuse you, biomass energy sources are all a lot more familiar than you might think at first. For example, wood is a biomass product. Biomass is usually defined as an energy source that comes from living things like plants and trees. One of the reasons that it’s popular is it’s cheaper than fuel like oil, natural gas and even propane.

A woodstove produces less carbon emissions than a furnace that burns natural gas. Like some of the other tips we’ve listed here, going for a biomass solution means you’ll need to have renovations done.

Less Time Consuming

Taking out a conventional furnace and replacing it with a woodstove doesn’t need to be a hassle. It’s less time-consuming when you look at one of our Mississauga waste bin rental solutions.

Essential Disposal wants to partner with you in your drive to lessen your carbon footprint. When that includes renovations, we are always available with dumpster bin rentals.

Remember that we offer same-day service to most points in the GTA. It’s a good idea if you order your Mississauga waste bin rental at least one day in advance. That way we’ll always be able to juggle availability and make sure that you get your bin on time.