Essential Disposal has been looking after Mississauga dumpster bin rentals for years. There are many advantages to using one of our dumpsters. For example, they are picked up and delivered to where you need them. We look after all the logistics for you.

Our rentals are convenient too. They come in a variety of different sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just trying to get rid of household junk or you’ve got a big project underway. Our customer service at Essential Disposal is geared towards 100% satisfaction.

Mississauga Dumpster Bin Rentals at Your Disposal!

When you need to rent a bin, you don’t want to go through a lot of hassle to get it. That’s why you can get one on our website quickly and easily. All you need to do is click the button and let us know what your requirements are. If you’d rather give us a call, our phone number is conveniently listed in the same place.

Different Reasons

There are many different reasons why someone would want to rent one of our bins. Selecting the right size is easier than you might think. We suggest that you order one that’s big enough to fit in everything you’re throwing out without over filling the unit. Essential Disposal offers a convenient chart on our website to help you calculate the right size.

It’s important to make sure that all of our clients get all of the information they need. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of the services that we provide. That means we are upfront about what can and can’t go into one of our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals.

Here’s a list of some of the things that can’t be thrown into one of our bins.


There are lots of chemicals in pesticides. Some of the residue stays in the containers even after you’ve used the product up. That’s why we can’t accept them. Being environmentally friendly is a big part of our priorities. Using these products in and around your home might not be a problem. However, when enough of these containers wind up in a landfill, it can cause problems for wildlife and the water table.

Our bins can be used for a variety of different materials. The furniture disposal service we offer is one of the more popular ones. Essential Disposal understands that buying new furniture is exciting. Getting rid of the older stuff not so much.

We can help with a variety of different rental bins that you can choose. Take a look at a list of the items that we can help with. It includes mattresses and couches as well as desks and office cubicles.

Paint Products

We like to be very clear about what can and cannot be thrown into one of our rental bins. It helps everyone to lessen their carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, that means we can’t take those old cans of paint that have been sitting in your attic.

There are chemical compounds in paint that can last for a while and cause environmental damage. Throwing out old paint cans and solvent containers into one of our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals could actually contaminate local water sources in the long run.

Leftover paint cans may seem harmless enough. However, they can contain chemical compounds and other liquids that can be a huge problem when dumped in landfill in large quantities.

Car Fluids

Throwing out transmission fluids and engine oil can be a big problem as well. Even engine coolant should never be thrown into one of our dumpster bin rentals. These are actually classified as bio hazards. They need to be properly disposed of at your local dump site.

Ordering one of our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals means that you’ll be in good hands. Essential Disposal Services is licensed and insured with the Ministry of the Environment. Not only that, we are also in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau.

We take our commitment to the environment and business seriously. Essential Disposal thinks that both can work hand-in-hand.

Some Final Mississauga Dumpster Bin Rentals Tips

Here’s a few final suggestions to make the whole process go more smoothly. Any bin that you rent from us can only be filled up to the top of the rim. A tarp needs to be placed over it for safe transportation.

We also don’t accept any kind of electronic waste in regular bins. Propane tanks and other cylinders are not acceptable either. Air-conditioners that have Freon should be disposed of in an environmentally safe way. When you place your order, tell us if you have any of these items. We’d be happy to arrange for a separate pickup. Getting the most from your Mississauga dumpster bin rentals is our number one priority.