Our Tottenham Construction Waste Removal services are second to none. It doesn’t matter what type of project you’re working on—demolition, repair or even remodelling, we can help with our fast and efficient services.

If you’re a homeowner or someone who’s looking to fix up a home and resell it, a bathroom remodel is one of the top renovation projects you should look at. Here’s a few tips on making one that’s great for resale or to enrich your living experience.


One of the first things that you need to do is determine the budget of the project. The Tottenham construction waste removal services we offer can be plugged in later, after you’ve put together some other numbers.

Fashioning a list of the supplies that you need to purchase is the first step. This needs to include all of the materials as well as any of the money that you’ll need to hire someone to help you.

Before you start is the time to remember our Tottenham construction waste removal is there to help. Getting a quote that will put your mind at ease is as simple as clicking on the quote and order tab on our website. If you prefer, you can call us at the number provided on our website and one of our helpful associates will be more than happy to give you the numbers you’ll need.

Consider the Size

You may not think about it at first, but the size of the bathroom often dictates the kind of remodeling job that you’ll do. Over the years that we’ve been hauling waste away for people who started this renovation, we’ve seen mistakes made that could otherwise been avoided.

The first consideration is the size of the bathroom itself. More often than not this is the smallest room of the house. That means revising the plumbing and electrical wiring. Remember, the first time around that might have been done by a previous homeowner and not up to code.

That means that you have to take accurate measurements and try and match them up with the kind of accessories you’ll need. Talking with experts at home remodeling stores can help you find the right elbows and brackets that will make everything fit together.


There’s a lot to consider when you’re taking on a big job like this including of course our Tottenham construction waste removal services. It’s important to keep in mind that no renovation is done until the fixtures are remodeled or repaired. It’s an added attraction to put in a brand-new sink and bathtub as well as modern toilet.

A complete renovation also takes into account things like shower doors and mirrors. Keep in mind that you can change the look of the whole bathroom by swapping out door handles, hardware for things like shower doors and even the polls on the cabinets.

Preplanning goes a long way in any renovation like this. That’s why if you have an idea how much waste you’ll have, we can outfit you with a mini bin that is delivered into tight spaces right in your driveway. What’s more, all of our disposal bins come with rollers and we go the extra mile to protect your driveway by laying down wood.

If you take a look at our website, you’ll see our disposal bins come in a variety of sizes. Matching up the right one is a quick and easy experience and you can go all the way from a 4-yard dumpster up to the 40-yard model.One of these will certainly match up with your Tottenham construction waste removal needs.

Don’t Forget the Cabinets

Putting together a new bathroom doesn’t have to be all measurements and critical thinking. You can have some fun when it comes to selecting new shelving and storage as well as cabinets.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean you won’t run into a few problems. In particular it can be a little tricky to find the right kind of cabinets and shelving since most bathrooms are irregularly sized. There’re a few considerations as well as shape. Everything needs to be big enough to keep all your stuff and yet accessible and functional at the same time.

Into the Space You’ve Allocated

To make matters a little more interesting, all of these accessories need to fit into the space you’ve allocated for everything to look good. Don’t forget about the floor and walls. You can choose almost any kind of material you like as long as it’s waterproof. High-end materials include ceramic and marble. Vinyl tiles and even cement are two of the options that you can select for the floor.

However you decide to go about your bathroom renovation project, we are always available to help with our industry-leading Tottenham construction waste removal services.