What’s your first move when you learn that you need to remove a lot of junk? If you’re like most people, your first action will be to get Mississauga junk removal quotes from different providers in your area. However, it’s important to exercise care here, as many quotes will not include hidden fees and you might find yourself paying a great deal more than you expected.

When you get Mississauga junk removal quotes from disposal companies, make sure that the quote includes the following:

Delivery – Make sure that the company will actually deliver the bin to your property. They should provide not just a date, but an estimated time of delivery.

Setup – Make sure that the disposal company quote includes professional setup. All bins should be set on blocks to prevent damage to the underlying surface.

Removal – Make sure that junk removal quotes include removal from your property when you call (as opposed to a specific date).

Dumping – Make sure that the quote you receive includes dumping and that the company works with Ministry of Environment approved facilities.

At Essential Disposal, our Mississauga junk removal quotes include all of these crucial details. Our flat rate pricing  includes delivery, setup, removal and dumping. What’s more, we only work with Ministry approved dumping centers to help sort recyclable materials from others, and save space in landfills. Call Essential Disposal today at 416-853-3000 for more information about our bins and a quote on your junk removal.