Alliston construction waste removal is one of the services we offer. We are interested in making sure our valuable clients get efficient and convenient disposal services of all kinds. If you’ve got some debris lying around from a construction project, one of our mini bins can be delivered using a light duty truck into the tightest of spaces.

Not only are the bins that we have excellent for construction and demolition debris removal, they can help you get rid of those old appliances and even the furniture that’s been sitting in your garage and taking up space.

We are not only efficient and client centric when it comes to disposal services, we also take great steps to present green options to all of our clients. That said, here’s a few words on some building and home improvement projects made all the more appealing by these are co-friendly tips.

There are many new innovators in green design today. If you look, it’s possible to install a brand-new floor made from things that have been reconditioned like old flooring. It’s even possible to find new tiles that have been recycled from things you might not otherwise expect like stone and metal as well as glass and plastic.

Alliston Construction Waste Removal and Earth Friendly Flooring Products

Looking for earth friendly products when you’re putting in a new floor? You might be surprised at the variety that you have to choose from. Some quick research reveals there’s a British company that actually has used old leather belts and woven them into aflooring option using a special type of glue.

A little closer to home, a company based in Virginia has a whole series of floor tiles that are recycled and several different options when it comes to natural fiber for carpets and flooring made from bamboo.

If you start looking into your green flooring options, you’ll soon understand how important indoor air pollution is to traditional home improvement products. The culprits are what are called VoCs ( volatile organic compounds). These are chemicals that can be found in everything from glues to finishes and paints.

If you’re serious about an eco-friendly renovation that includes flooring, make sure to look for adhesives that carry a Green Label Plus seal. It’s the best way to make sure that your indoor air quality stays pristine and safe for children and pets.

Remember that no matter how much debris you have at the end of the project, Essential Disposal Services is there to cart everything away in a safe and efficient manner. We are so confident that our services are exactly what you’ll need, we offer a free quote. What’s more, we are licensed and insured with the Ministry of the Environment. That’s very important to us because we are committed to lessening everyone’s carbon footprint and helping our planet.

Renovating the Bathroom? Here’s Some More Eco-Friendly Tips  

Over the years that we’ve been involved with carting your construction debris away, we’ve noticed that many people tend to renovate a washroom or kitchen. It doesn’t really matter whether they are looking to resell or enjoy a new revamped space.

Here are just a few environmentally friendly tips that you can use along the way.

Increasing the ventilation in the bathroom is always a good idea. You’ll be cutting down on some of the smelly odors that come from that space. Not only that, it’s important to consider the fact that mold breeds in damp spaces and that’s usually the beginning of bacteria.

Out of the House

Our Alliston construction waste removal professionals also want you to be aware of the fact that a new bathroom fan isn’t always enough. It’s important to make sure that whatever type you install expels the exhaust out of your house and not just into the attic or ceilings and wall.

Reducing your energy use is another environmentally friendly way to go. That’s why you should also consider buying an exhaust unit that has a timer switch so you can shut it off without needing to actually be in the room.

Conserving Water

Finally, it’s important to take into account that nearly half of all the water you use in your house comes from the bathroom. You should switch out the old for the new when you’re doing the renovation and put in low-flow showers as well as high efficiency faucets.

Don’t forget to look for the latest innovation in toilets that include the low flush models. Finally, looking for the latest trends in hot water heaters can save you money and lessen your carbon footprint at the same time.

Don’t forget that it’s important to put in water resistant services where ever you can. Staying away from carpet and wallpaper are critical choices. When you’re done call us for  Alliston construction waste removal services.