Are you looking for quality topsoil for your Oakville garden? We offer a superior product that is free of clumps, rocks and debris. What you need largely depends on the nature of your project.

If you’re a gardening aficionado, our premium triple mix will delight you; it is perfect for flowerbeds and for top-dressing your lawn. Essentially, the name says it’s all – it’s a mix of three things. We blend sand, peat moss and composted organics in a mixture that’s designed to improve your existing soil conditions, or to ensure that your existing lawn or garden remains healthy.

Do you need to grade or fill a low area? If that’s the case, then you won’t do better than our landscape/shredded topsoil. It’s simply field soil that’s been screened and then processed through a shredding machine to create a clump, rock and debris free mix. It’s very spreadable, and it’s well suited to a variety of uses.

Not everyone has a huge plot of land, so if you’re container gardening on your balcony, you’ll appreciate our planting soil. It’s a blend of shredded topsoil and triple mix, and it’s perfect for deep planters.

For weed retardation and visual impact, you can top off your efforts with our pine mulch. It’s more attractive than the usual cedar mulch – a rich brown that darkens over time to a chestnut color. Spread it around your shrubs and trees to a depth of about three inches in order to inhibit weed growth, and top it off every three years or so – it couldn’t be easier!

Call Essential Garden Supplies at 416-853-3000 to speak with one of our experts who can help you with your landscaping needs. By the way, do you have yard waste to get rid of? We have disposal bins for all your waste needs!