Topsoil is the layer of soil at the very top of the earth, and usually runs anywhere from five to twelve inches in depth.

Topsoils can vary pretty widely in composition, depending on the brand and where you’re buying it. They come in a variety of percentage mixtures of clay, silt and sand, and depending on the exact composition, the topsoil will behave differently – so it helps to be clear about your landscaping goals and which topsoil will suit your needs best. Topsoils with a lower water-retention capacity that are easier to till are generally preferred.

Typically sold in larger quantities for bigger landscaping projects, topsoil is seen as a general purpose soil mixture.

When debating whether your needs call for more topsoil or garden soil, a soil analysis often helps, as it will tell you what nutrients and minerals exist in your soil. As garden soils can often be quite expensive, if your garden doesn’t necessarily call for the use of garden soil, you might consider the purchase of topsoil or a mix of the two.

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