When it comes to top soil in Toronto area homeowners have a lot of different choices. Not all of them are the same, either. If you’re still of the mind that “dirt is dirt,” it’s time to take a closer look at what’s available.

Organic soil from a reputable topsoil in Toronto area supplier offers some significant benefits. First, it contains no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other harsh additives. Second, it’s shredded, which creates an even mixture with no large clods, and no rocks or other debris. However, it does contain the organic elements needed for healthy plant growth, whether you’re using the topsoil as a base for sod, in your garden, or somewhere else. Not all landscape suppliers are able to offer high quality topsoil – some deliver un-shredded, un-amended soil filled with rocks, roots and debris.

At Essential Garden Supplies, we offer top soil in Toronto for home and business owners amended with our premium triple mix – a unique mixture of sand, peat moss and manure/compost. Mixed with our shredded organic topsoil, you’ll find your plants grow stronger, healthier and hardier, without the need for chemical fertilizers.

Of course, we offer more than just top soil. Toronto area homeowners and businesses can also purchase a variety of mulches, as well as gravel and aggregates. In addition, we’re happy to provide advice and guidance on your project, to ensure that you’re getting the ideal landscaping supplies for your needs.

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