You love to garden, and you know that your garden is only as good as your soil and your mulch. That’s why you’re looking for the best outlet for Mississauga garden supply store area. You want soil that’s free of lumps and rocks, and mulch that will hold its color for a long time. Essential Garden Supplies has everything you need and much more.

You’ll appreciate our premium triple mix – it’s ideal for flowerbeds, or if you want to top-dress our lawn. As the name indicates – premium triple mix is a blend of composted organics, peat moss and sand that improves existing soil and also extends the life of your existing garden or lawn soil.

If you need to fill a low area, try our landscape / shredded topsoil. It’s screened field soil that’s been processed using a shredding machine to remove rocks, clumps and other debris. You’ll find that it’s well suited to a variety of uses, and that it has exceptional spreading qualities.

If you love to have plants in pots on your patio, you’ll be very pleased with our planting soil. It’s a combination of our triple mix and shredded topsoil. It works perfectly in deep planters.

Of course no garden is complete without mulch, so top it all off with our rich brown pine mulch. When you spread it around your trees and shrubs, it inhibits weed growth and looks great. Just top it off every few years.

To speak with a landscaping expert as we are the best Mississauga garden supply store; call Essential Garden Supplies at 416-853-3000.

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