Do you need top soil for your garden in Bolton? You can’t do better than clump-free, rock-free, debris-free soil from Essential Disposal Services who are the topsoil providers in Mississauga.

If you love to garden, then our premium triple mix is for you. It’s perfect for top-dressing your lawn or for using it in flowerbeds. We don’t call it triple mix for nothing – it’s a blend of three things. We use peat moss, sand and composted organics in combination. It will improve your existing soil conditions, as well as maintain the existing health of your lawn or garden.

If you need to fill a low area or do some grading, then we suggest our landscape / shredded topsoil. It’s screened field soil that’s been processed through a shredder to make a mix that’s free of rocks, debris and clumps. You’ll find that it’s great for any number of uses, being very easy to spread. Contact us as we are the topsoil providers in Mississauga.

Do you grow in containers? If you do, you’ll love our planting soil. We combined our triple mix along with shredded topsoil to create a blend that’s ideal for deep container planting.

Once you’ve done the basic work, top it all off with our pine mulch. It’s a rich, reddish brown mulch that smells heavenly and retards weed growth.

Gardening couldn’t be easier with Essential Garden Supplies. Give us a call today at 416-853-3000. Our landscaping experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements as we are the topsoil providers in Mississauga.