Whether you’re planting a flower garden or a vegetable garden, there are numerous important considerations which ensure that your plants are happy and healthy. One of the most important is your choice of garden soil. Mississauga residents have several different options, but they’re not all the same. It’s important to work with a company that specializes in soils for gardening and hence contact Essential Landscaping as we are the best garden soil vendors in Mississauga.

Topsoil – Topsoil is an important element for planting a variety of things, but is generally not ideal for use as garden soil. Mississauga residents can use this as an underlying for sod, though. However, it is easy to work, and uniform in texture and size thanks to the shredding process. It can also be used as an additive with other soil types.

Planting Soil – Planting soil is a specific mixture of shredded topsoil and what’s called “triple mix.” It’s ideal for planting vegetable or flower gardens, and can also be added to virtually any planting area, from planters to yard gardens.

Triple Mix – Triple mix is also an excellent choice in soils for gardening. It combines peat moss, sand and compost to create an ideal mixture for supporting healthy plant growth. Whether you’re creating a raised bed garden, reinvigorating your flowerbeds, or going the container gardening route, triple mix is a great choice.

At Essential Garden Supplies, we understand that no two gardening projects are identical. We’ll complete a full analysis of your area, your planting needs and other factors, and then make specific suggestions on the right garden soil. To grow healthy, beautiful gardens contact garden soil vendors in Mississauga. Call us today at 416-853-3000 to schedule a free consultation.