If your office needs a do over, one of our waste bin rental in Mississauga bins can help. Updating your office with new furniture is an exciting process. Essential Disposal can make it hassle free with one of our durable products.

Managers can be so preoccupied with the new layout and plans, they don’t think about what to do with the old furniture that’s on its way out. Here are a few suggestions that can help you revamp your entire workspace.

Selling those unwanted desks before new ones arrive is one option. There are a few things that you’ll need to consider like the following.

  • Take photographs of each desk if you are going to sell them online. You’ll need to mention any wear and tear as well.
  • You’ll need to set a specific date to have them collected so they don’t overlap with the new ones when they arrive.
  • Decide whether to dismantle them or leave that for the new buyer. The desks should also be in reasonably good condition and they should be cleaned out.

You might have some damaged office furniture that you can donate or sell. That’s where our services here at Essential Disposal come in handy. 

 Check out Our Disposal Bin Rental in Mississauga Size Chart 

Ordering a bin from us is easy. We recommend that you pick one that’s big enough to fill without the material from your office overflowing. There is a convenient size chart on our website that will help you to find the one that you need.

Some of the office furniture you want to get rid of can include cabinets and cubicles as well as tables and lamps. Keep in mind that many different municipalities offer metal and wood recycling services. You can do a search on the Internet to get the necessary information. Some of these companies will even pick up your old desks and other furniture for a small fee.

Many of them donate any pieces that are usable to charitable organizations and they recycle what’s left.

If you are moving to a new business location, Essential Disposal can help with waste bin rental and Mississauga services. We have an excellent reputation for being conscientious and reliable and we are always willing to do a little extra for our clients.