If you’re in the construction business, you don’t want to waste a lot of money. Our Bolton disposal bin rental services take care of the waste and debris generated from construction and demolition sites. Research tells us almost 251 million tons of solid waste can be generated by construction sites in America annually.

It’s important to be environmentally friendly and efficient when you’re getting rid of this waste. Here’s some tips for doing just that on your construction site.

Be Proactive

You need to plan for more than building on a job site. It’s a good idea to organize how you get rid of waste at the same time. There are a few things you can do to cut down on waste materials. First and foremost, you should identify recyclable materials. It’s worth the effort to educate your workers on how to sort waste and provide compost, recycling and waste bins.


Having a strategy to recycle waste is just as important as getting the right sized Bolton disposal bin rental units. You should know which materials can and cannot be recycled. For example, metal, cardboard, paper and plastics can be recycled into new products. However, other items like drywall, gravel, asphalt and even window glass cannot go into your recycling bin.

Cut Back on Packaging

Cardboard is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to packaging that winds up in a landfill. In fact, estimates say up to 12% of any construction project waste comes from this source.

There are some ways you can reduce packaging and cut down on waste. When you purchase materials in bulk, try to avoid individual packaging as much as possible. For items that come in non-reusable containers like buckets, try and adopt a strategy to reuse the empty pail.


Tearing something down rather than demolishing it cuts down on waste. This gives your team the chance to salvage materials like ceiling and floor tiles and plumbing fixtures. These can be resold or even donated as a tax write-off.

Look into a Bolton Disposal Bin Rental

In the end, it’s impossible to completely eliminate waste on your construction site. That’s why we offer a variety of different sized bins. Get a free quote by clicking the convenient tab on our website today. If you’re looking to use Essential Disposal Services on a regular basis, we can provide you with a customized quote.