A Georgetown waste bin rental is perfect if you’re looking to start a spring cleanup in your garden or yard. More likely there’s going to be some organic waste like trimmings from lawns and hedges and perhaps even dead trees.

We offer disposal services that come with industry-leading rates. What’s more, we’ve put together some spring cleanup tips for your garden so things go smoothly.

Prune Those Trees and Shrubs

It’s important not to trim or shape the branches on flowering trees and shrubs. If you cut off living buds now, neither will bloom nicely when the spring finally arrives. The goal of pruning is to create a tree or shrub that has good air circulation and light. All of the most popular methods involve the crown of the tree. This is the part of the tree or shrub that produces leaves. If the crown isn’t healthy, the entire tree can weaken.

Having a Georgetown waste bin rental delivered can make it easier to haul away the branches you’ve cut. Keep in mind that you should order a bin that’s big enough to fill up without overflowing.

Pick Up The Debris

Once the snow has finally melted, you’ll need to walk around your yard and pick up debris like fallen branches, dog waste and litter that’s been left over from the colder weather. Watch out for any broken glass and make sure to wear a pair of sturdy gloves.

Tackle Those Garden Beds

A pair of small garden shears or scissors comes in handy to remove any stocks and dead leaves from perennial plants in your garden bed. If you plan on replacing your annuals, you’ll need to pull the dead ones out. Established perennials can be fertilized with some compost laid around the roots.

Along with a variety of waste bin rentals, Essential Disposal also offers mulches and garden soils. Take a look at the variety we have available on our website including cedar mulch and red mulch.

A Georgetown waste bin rental is also a great idea for the debris after you rake your lawn when the snow has melted. Getting rid of any pinecones, twigs and dead leaves can help keep your grass healthy and nice moving into the better weather. Finally, this is the perfect time to inspect your landscaping tools like a hedge trimmer and lawnmower.