We have a Mississauga waste bin rental service that can help you with renovation and decluttering around your home or office. Our bins are great for renovation and building materials as well as construction and demolition debris.

If you are cleaning out your home or decluttering, we have a rental bin that’s just the right size for your project. A lot of our clients are decluttering their garages. Some of them want more space while others are planning something new with the extra area like a woodshop.

Top of Your List

If you are planning to declutter your garage, picking out one of our Mississauga waste bin rental options needs to be at the top of your list. Don’t forget these other tips that we have put together for cleaning out that space.

For Nails and Screws

If you are planning on turning your garage into a workshop, the chances are you’ll have lots of nails and screws around. Finding a place to store them can be an issue. Nailing storage jars to the underside of garage shelves keeps everything eye level. We have also seen homeowners use old PVC pipe to store odds and ends like pencils.

All you need to do here is screw them to a piece of wood and nail the wood to the side of your garage.

When you are renovating that space, we have a Mississauga waste bin rental that’s the right size for your project. If you’ve got a small garage, a 4-yard dumpster might do the trick. Some of our clients with bigger projects take on a 30 yard or 40-yard unit. Point being there is one for every size garage that you are decluttering.

Getting a quote from us is the first step.

Store Bikes Off the Floor

People are riding bicycles to stay fit but that doesn’t mean they should be a safety hazard in the garage. You can get them up and out of the way with wall clips that you can hang them on. You can find these in bicycle shops or hardware stores. These racks fasten into the wall studs in your garage.

If you need to throw some old debris out to make way, don’t forget to take advantage of our Mississauga waste bin rental services. These are perfect to get rid of any old appliances that you stored in the garage and forgot all about.

Simple Suggestions

Some of these suggestions are quite simple. For example, putting your garbage bags or leaf bags on the roll for a paper towel gets them up and out of the way.

After you select the right size from our Mississauga waste bin rental choices, we deliver them across several points in the GTA. Our bins are good for more than just decluttering. They are also a perfect choice if you are moving and cleaning out your garage before you sell.

If you’re moving your home or office, one of the last things you’ll want to do is load up the truck that’s going to the landfill or recycling centre. We have you covered with our services and waste management disposal options.

Timing is Everything

If you are like a lot of other homeowners, you’ll misjudge the amount of time you need for decluttering your garage. Many people think it will only take an hour or two. The reality is you should set aside one entire weekend or at least one full day for the project.

You’ll need to put a team together. That should include family members as well as relatives and any close friends who can lend a hand.

Sorting the Plies

Sorting what you want to get rid of into four different piles is next. The four most common categories are ones for items to toss, sell, keep and donate. Some people wonder which items they should keep. Here’s a good test to decide.

Just ask yourself if you have used that item in the past year. If the answer is no, you should be getting rid of it. In other words, you’ll only be collecting more junk if you keep items that you might use one day.

Yard Sale

Some folks like to have a yard sale. You can also sell some of the better items online or at local consignment outlets.

Once you’ve organized all the piles, it’s time to organize the garage itself.  Here’s a few tips that can help speed the process along. Rakes and shovels can be hung on the wall so they are up off the floor. Building sturdy shelves to hold things that you don’t use often like snow tires is another good idea.

Experts recommend that you clean out your garage at least once a year. Springtime is one of the better seasons. Your Mississauga waste bin rental options include a bin that’s sized for your driveway.