Putting your renovation plans together with one of our bin rentals in Vaughan makes the process hassle free. Contractors can testify that there’s lots of waste left over that includes plasterboard and drywall as well as wood and metal.

We can help get rid of all kinds of different renovation waste so you can concentrate on your client’s project.

Here’s a few renovation tips that can help you to stay on track.

  • Helping your client right from the planning stage prevents any issues. If they are not exactly sure what kind of renovation they want, you can help. Supply them with the names of some industry magazines. Or tell them where to do a search on the Internet. Even before you start pricing the job out you can direct the client to home renovation shows to help them fashion their ideas. Don’t forget to mention that our bin rentals in Vaughan come in a variety of different sizes.
  • Make sure you have your portfolio in good order. That should include references from your past customers. It’s important to be clear if you’re going to help your clients with all of the details like getting the right permits.
  • Helping your client set a budget can prevent a lot of hassles. One of these should include all the details including decorative finishes, building permits labor and materials. It’s important that you both realize you should put away at least 10% of this budget for unexpected costs that come up.
  • A good contractor should put together a timeline. Begin by putting together a starting date. After that you can work with your client to determine the length of time that each part of the project should need. The timeline should allow for things like delivery of materials and shipping as well as prepping any areas that need to be worked on. Don’t forget to add a few extra days on to the expected finish date in case anything unexpected happens.

Finally, it’s good to remember that Essential Disposal services is right by your side. We offer bin rentals in Vaughan that are perfect for renovations and building materials. As a contractor you want to help your client bring their vision for renovation to life. We can help by providing an excellent way to get rid of the debris after the job is over.