Our bin rentals in Vaughan are perfect for the construction of utilities and roads as well as demolition, repair, and remodeling projects. A lot of the ways that your company produces waste be recycled if you know how to process it. Essential Disposal is dedicated to dealing with the following materials in a cost-effective and responsible way.


This type of waste is produced when masonry buildings are demolished. The debris can be crushed and used as an aggregate. One of the uses of this material is thermal insulating concrete. Another potential application for this aggregate is standard clay bricks.


Essential Disposal will hall away your drywall waste in one of our bin rentals in Vaughan. We take great pride in our recycling initiatives. Recycled drywall waste can be used as a brand-new ingredient while producing new cement. It’s also used as an addition to composting procedures.


The waste included here also includes extra cement mix left over after the work is finished. Other times the waste is created by bad workmanship or change in design. Unused or unset cement is always considered a hazard.


Plastic recycling becomes more difficult when the waste is mixed with other contaminants. The materials should be collected and cleaned separately.

Our bin rentals in Vaughan come in a variety of different sizes. You should order one that can handle all of your material without overflowing at the top. All the bins should be level at the top of the rim. A tarp needs to be safely attached for transportation.

Here are a few of the other construction items that we can handle for you.


This type of waste from demolition and construction is produced in large quantities globally. The type of lumber that we haul away includes treated wood, painted, and coated products.

Whatever isn’t ways can be used in other construction projects after the wood has been sized, denailed, and cleaned properly.

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