The time for snow plowing and snow removal in Bolton is months away.  However, every good business owner knows the time to start planning is now. That’s why we’ve put together some business winter prep tips for your small business.

We can handle the snow plowing and removal for you. Read this blog to find out how you can prepare for the winter months that lay ahead.

Protect Your Pipes Now

If your pipes burst during the winter months, repairing them or replacing them is expensive. There are a few steps you can take now to prevent them from freezing in the winter. Insulating the pipes that face outside is a good way to prevent them from freezing. Likewise, it’s a good idea to insulate the openings that feed to your attic.

The same goes for the openings facing exterior walls. You can use caulk or insulation here. Don’t forget that when the time comes, Essential Landscaping can help when the snow starts to fly. Snow plowing and snow removal in Bolton is worry free with our professional and experienced personnel working for you.

Have A Communication Plan

Having a bad weather communication system between you and your employees is a good idea. If you can’t open the doors because of a blizzard, send them a text. It saves people from battling through the snow to find your business closed.

The same goes for informing your customers. This is where social media comes in handy since you can post updates there. Smart business owners also update voicemail messages and their email.

Check Your Supply Chain

Don’t let a severe winter storm hammer your supply chain. You need to make sure deliveries arrive on time even when the snow and wind are acting up. Staying in touch with your suppliers during a winter storm can help you to get constant updates.

You need to have a backup plan too. That means having more than one supplier for any product or service.

Having the right members on your team makes all the difference. That’s where we come in at Essential Landscaping. We have two decades of experience in ice removal and snow plowing. Our well trained and courteous team understands how important these services are. The need for snow plowing and snow removal in Bolton might be months away. However, getting in touch with us now saves time.