There’s always something to do when you own a house. Remember Mississauga dumpster bin rentals from us can help make any renovation easier. Homeowners have a long list of things that always need to be repaired or improved.

Here are some of the trending renovations for 2020 that we researched.

Eco-Friendly Kitchens

Kitchens are always a popular reno. This year the focus is on using that space more efficiently and even adding some more sustainable features to the designs.

The trend this year is focusing on natural cabinetry and countertops. Recycled glass and reclaimed timber are two of the materials that you can use. Cork flooring works too. Lighting is a big part of any eco friendly kitchen. That’s why homeowners should include energy efficient LEDs.

Soft Colours

One of the other trends for kitchen remodeling his soft colours. For example, soft gray cabinets are making a big comeback with other features like a light marble backsplash.

If this sounds like a lot of work, we can help get rid of that old kitchen. Our Mississauga dumpster bin rentals come in a variety of sizes. We can park one right in your driveway and take it away for you when that part of the remodel is done.


There’s a solution for homeowners who worry about grout lines with these. If you use the same material you did for your countertop, you’ll get rid of that issue. Backsplashes are eye-catching when you use a slab of material.


People are already planning ahead and looking to make the winter months a little more enjoyable. That’s why sunrooms are making this list of top trending renovations for 2020. Keep in mind that you should plan this room according to the sun and the kind of weather conditions you get.

For example, many experts will tell you to build a sunroom facing the southeast. Efficiency should be one of your priorities. You’ll need to choose a design and a style too. Generally, there are three season or four-season choices.

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