Green building is about combining one of our waste bin rental in Mississauga choices with resource efficient methods of construction. You might be familiar with some of the names like green construction, high-performance or sustainable building. They are all used interchangeably.

There are a number of criteria that certify building is green. Here are a few factors that you will need to consider.


Electric lights are getting more efficient as time goes by. However estimates still say they account for up to 45% of the building’s energy bill. Of course every office needs to have light. However, an environmentally friendly design can fix it so you don’t need to turn them on all the time.

Green buildings are designed and constructed to gather as much natural light as possible. They often involve open areas with employees working in dedicated groups that are facing south walls. That’s the best way for the most usable like to get through.

Electrical Costs

The type of lights you install in a new construction project make a difference. Using LED lights reduces the need to replace old-fashioned bulbs. You can also dramatically reduce electrical costs by implementing motion sensors. These only turn on when someone enters a room or is close by.

Essential Disposal can help further any environmentally friendly construction projects with a waste bin rental in Mississauga. We can do away with a variety of construction debris including metals, rigid plastics porcelain and insulation in a responsible and cost-effective manner.


Environmental benefits and cost savings can be realized through careful choice of construction materials. Deciding on precast concrete panel walls or metal frame structures that use steel studs is one of the areas where there is some debate.

Here are some of the issues and considerations involved:

  • Precast concrete panels have been called mass walls because they feature better thermal mass and lag. That means they can absorb more heat so interior temperatures are better regulated. The result are lower energy costs.
  • These precast concrete panels also don’t need as much insulation. That makes them superior to other metal building choices.

Essential Disposal always recommends that you recycle all of the demolition and construction debris you can. Reducing the amount of waste you produce starts by estimating the amount of raw materials you’ll need. Get in touch with our friendly staff when you need  a waste bin rental in Mississauga quote.