If you’ve decided to change out a commercial roof, a waste bin rental in Mississauga can help you get rid of any debris the contractor creates. Making sure that the job gets done thoroughly means working through a commercial roof checklist.

Ensuring that your commercial roof is in good condition is important. Having a contractor do a professional inspection should highlight any issues including problems with rotted or stained decking and roof vents or flashing that are damaged.

  • Every contractor should begin inside the building looking for water issues. They need to look at the walls and ceiling to find any peeling paint, leaks or drips. This is the best way to find out if the problem starts on the roof or begins in another place.
  • Inspectors also need to look for ponding water in any other areas that have been blocked. They should be trying to spot changes in colour or roof stains around drains if the water has been sitting for any length of time.
  • Flashings and drains also need to be looked at. If dirt or debris starts to build up in flashings and the gutter system, water could start to amass and cause further damage.

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A contractor will also need to re-examine any previous repairs done to a commercial roof. If you don’t know which repairs have taken place in the past, get in touch with the maintenance supervisor or a roofing expert. Business owners need to keep accurate records of any repairs so future maintenance is done properly.

Visible Damage

Inspectors and contractors also need to be looking for any kind of visible damage. Flat roofs can have granular holes as well as blisters or punctures. Sloped roofs have damage that includes bending roof materials and missing or curling shingles.

The damage to look for on metal roofs include bent panels, mildew, popped screw heads as well as corrosion. It’s important to find any kind of bacteria that’s growing on the outside or inside of the roof. Repairs can be extensive if this kind of issue takes hold.

Tight Spaces

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