Essential Disposal is proud of the shingles disposal services we offer that include bin rental in Mississauga choices. This roofing material doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade, repair, or put on a new roof altogether.

Following are some tips for contractors and homeowners on how to work on the roof safely.

Keep An Eye Out For Fall Hazards

A fall from a roof can be devastating. The first rule is making sure the structure that you are working on is strong enough to support the weight of your team. Guardrails should be available as a safety feature. Everyone needs to be aware of any holes in the roof and their location.

Stay Hydrated in The Heat

A roof can be a real heat trap in the summer months. Dark shingles even radiate the heat back to the people working on them. Everyone working on a roofing project should have a shaded area to take the occasional break from the sun.

Staying hydrated properly means drinking small amounts of water all through the workday. A good supply of water bottles or even a water cooler is an excellent idea.

A Variety of Sizes

Remember that our bin rental in Mississauga choices come in a variety of sizes. With us, you’ll get plenty of options as well as competitive costs. We also offer our shingle disposal service in other areas that include Toronto, Brampton, Caledonia, and Vaughan. Knowing the proper procedures for using tools when you’re roofing is also important.

Know Power Tool Safety

Having the right power tools is an essential aspect of doing a good roofing job. However, if you’re using these tools at certain heights it’s possible to slip and fall.

Here’s an example of another possible danger. Power tools can be used to drill holes through the baseboard of a roof. When you’re using one, make sure that you have a broom or vacuum to clean the worksurface after. Using your bare hands can cause a serious cut.

Regardless of the power tool that you are using regular maintenance is critical. You can lower the risk of any injury by inspecting the tool on a regular basis.

Essential Disposal is happy to offer bin rental in Mississauga options for your roofing project. We would also like to make sure you understand that lanyards and safety harnesses are important. It’s best if you can avoid extreme weather conditions on any roofing project.