Essential Disposal has a number of different Brampton disposal bin rental options. These come in handy for commercial renovations that use brick and other materials like asphalt. Here are a few ideas where brick can come in handy when you’re changing the look of your business.

  • Brick is one of the most popular materials that gets used in building a new restaurant or renovating an existing one. Restaurants can use this material for the floors, bar, and even the walls. There are a number of different ways this material can be cut including fluted, sidecut, and vaulted.
  • Commercial spaces like office buildings can use brick for interior accents. Not only do these turn out to be attractive, bricks are quite often loadbearing and that means they look great and support construction weight. They can also last for a long time. They don’t need to be replaced as often as other materials like timber and plasterboard.

Our Brampton waste bin rental department can look after concrete, asphalt, and bricks disposal. These materials can potentially damage a vehicle and they can be dangerous to remove. We can provide the Brampton disposal bin rental. Not only that, but our services also include pickup and delivery to several areas including Brampton and other spots and the GTA.


Remember, brick is a flexible material that you can use for commercial renovations. Many contractors use this as a façade in an industrial commercial space.

There are several advantages to brick façades including:

  • The fact that this material is energy efficient. It looks good and presents a business in a professional light. It also regulates the temperature of the building’s interior cutting down on your energy costs.
  • It is also a friendly material that doesn’t require any toxic substances in its production. It supplies a sophisticated architectural element and a unique look plus an earthy feel.
  • Brick is also the water-resistant commercial renovation choice.

Essential Disposal can help get rid of the old material when you’re putting in a new brick renovation. Our Brampton disposal bin rental services can easily be a convenient and cost-efficient part of any project. Take a few minutes to look over our frequently asked questions. It’s a fast way to get all the information you need.