When you decide to declutter your garage, a disposal bin rental in Mississauga is indispensable. We can usually provide same day service, but we guarantee you’ll have a unit delivered locally the next day.

Now, all you need to do is get started. Here’s a list of useless items you can do without.

Broken Garden Equipment

If you’re a gardener, the chances are you’ve got a few bent tomato cages taking up space. Some people even have a corner reserved for broken spades and shovels. If you get rid of the damaged stuff now, you’ll have space for new equipment next season.

Old Boxes

Who hasn’t stored an empty cardboard box in the garage in case you need to return something that doesn’t work? When enough things pile up, your garage becomes more of a storage unit than a place to actually park your car.

A disposal bin rental in Mississauga is a great tool to help you organize this type of cleanout project. While you are decluttering, it’s a good idea to do a basic floor cleaning as space becomes available. Keep an eye out for small items like nails and chemical stains or oil spills.

Tackling this job is easier when using a strong vacuum like a shop vac and some heavy duty trash bags. Make sure to set aside some kind of basket for odds and ends. You’ll be able to get rid of the cobwebs lurking in the ceiling and corners too. Essential Disposal is committed to reducing landfill waste. We make sure to deliver your unwanted items to a transfer station approved by the Ministry for sorting and processing.

The Rest of The Junk

Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home, chances are you’ve got an assortment of junk in your garage. Many people justify keeping items that may have a potential use into the ‘I might need it someday’ pile.

This unwanted collection of stuff can include everything from broken ladders and fitness equipment to old toys and discarded shoes.

When it’s time to book a disposal bin rental in Mississauga, make sure to throw away old household rags. Lots of us hang onto torn or ripped clothing items to use for painting and cleaning projects. However, too many cloth rags can actually be a fire hazard in your garage.