Essential Disposal is a waste bin rental in Mississauga company with the right sized unit for every project. Renovating your home changes how it looks and allows you the opportunity to put your own vision to work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an uptick in people doing just that.

One of the big reasons people are tackling new projects now is simple. The more time they spend in their homes, the more they find things they want to change.

Here’s a few of the most popular pandemic reno ideas we’ve come across.

More Security 

Research tells us there’s been a rise in the demand for home security and monitoring systems. This includes everything from indoor security cameras to monitor children who are home with you 24/7 to outdoor fence installations.

A repair or update can involve something as simple as reinforcing the front door. Take a look at exterior doors to make sure the hinges are protected from tampering and the frames are strong. Having a strike plate or a deadbolt are two other good ideas.

Boosting security in the digital age can mean getting a video doorbell.

If you’re changing the door completely, consider one of our waste bin rental in Mississauga options. We use light-duty vehicles to deliver bins right to your home for convenient removal of waste materials.

There’s no doubt that people are spending more time under the same roof during the pandemic. The house where everyone used to spend a few hours together is now our primary recreation, entertainment, schoolroom and workplace location.

Home Offices for Two

When you consider these changes, it’s no wonder that dual home offices make the list for popular pandemic renovations. With more people working from home, statistics report additions and extensions climbed 52% from last year.

Having two offices means soundproofing solutions are necessary so each location can be more private. These are taking place in a variety of different rooms.

Spare bedrooms are seeing a make-over and even walk-in closets are being repurposed.

If you’re thinking about renovating, a good place to start is finding those spaces that don’t get used. Make sure to do some research and talk with real estate professionals about popular renos in your area.

Keep in mind, getting rid of any debris is easy with our waste bin rental in Mississauga choices.