Our disposal bin rental in Mississauga choices go well with a major or minor commercial renovation. We have done a lot of work with local businesses that are looking to change things around. The commercial renovations we supply bins for fall under two different categories.

  • The first section is called tenant improvements. Many commercial office units don’t come with the finishes, walls and fixtures the way houses and apartments do. Tenants often get a bare area that they can upgrade to their own requirements and specifications. Some businesses looking to renovate when they move in find old carpeting and outdated light fixtures.
  • The other classification for this type of renovation are capital improvements. This involves changing the look of the building itself which incorporates changes to restrooms, lobbies as well as common areas and outside lights.

Leftovers from these renovation projects are suited to our disposal bin rental in Mississauga services. Our prices are competitive and we have an industrywide reputation for hard work and professional customer service. There are no hidden fees or other surprises in store for you when you deal with Essential Disposal.

Depending on the scope and detail involved, commercial building renovations can take anywhere from several months all the way up to a year or even more. You can’t ask for high lease rates and fill up a commercial building if it’s out of date.

Making sure industrial and commercial structures are renovated and updated is important for several reasons.

  • Prospects are drawn to the most attractive offices and working spaces.
  • New equipment can be accommodated with renovations that include complete building Wi-Fi and the latest Internet systems.
  • Renovating for increased energy efficiency lowers the operating expenses while increasing the value of the property at the same time.

Finally, there are a few areas where this type of construction gets the best results. A newly renovated lobby makes an instant first impression. That makes a difference even if the rest of the structure is outdated.

It’s never a good idea to overlook the restrooms. A clean inviting beautiful space can transform an entire building. Essential Disposal offers a variety of different sizes and rates when it comes to our disposal bin rental in Mississauga services. We offer same-day service to a variety of areas. That makes for one last thing you need to think about when you’re renovating your office space.