Most landscaping construction projects include a retaining wall as a key feature. Essential Disposal offers waste bin rental in Mississauga choices so the process runs smoothly. We can help by taking away the natural stone, concrete and unused pavers after the job is done.

Here’s a few of the common types that we’ve come across.

A Gravity Retaining Wall

This type of structure is anchored by its own weight. They can be built from several different kinds  of materials that are heavy enough to hold them in place like concrete, masonry or stone. These can also use tongue and groove blocks to lock together.

There are several advantages. At the top of the list is they can be built in tight spaces like subdivisions and they are durable. We offer a variety of different waste bin rental in Mississauga choices for these projects. These are great for hauling away any debris after you’ve built and installed a gravity. We have everything from a 6 yard to a 40 yard dumpster in our inventory.

Anchored Retaining Walls

Like the name suggests, this type is held in place with anchors. It works well in situations where only a thin structure is required. These walls are an economical way of earth retention on construction sites.

Same Day Services You Can Rely On

Essential Disposal offers same-day service for most of the GTA when you’re looking for a disposal bin. If you are a contractor is looking to use our services more than once, you can contact us to get a customized quote.

Cantilevered Retaining Walls

These rest on below ground concrete foundations. The weight of the wall rests on the soil.

Why Businesses Need Them

Retaining walls come in handy for businesses for a variety of different reasons. For example, they are a good way to convert uneven flat services into level flat ones. That makes the construction of parking lots and buildings possible.

Easier Maintenance

Building one also means maintaining your property is easier. There is no need to pay large landscaping maintenance fees and you get a natural way to separate turf and flowerbeds.

Remember, when you order a waste bin rental in Mississauga from us, you’ll want to make sure you only fill it to the top of the rim.