Sometimes, homeowners and other clients take on projects that require a Mississauga waste bin rental because the debris is just too heavy and big to move on their own. That’s often the case where materials like bricks, asphalt and concrete are concerned.

Here at Essential Disposal Services, we provide the right size unit to get rid of this debris from both commercial and residential projects.

The chances are you won’t be working on one of these, but we thought it might be interesting to list some of the biggest construction projects in the world. We thought it would make for some interesting reading. Especially while you’re getting busy planning your own job and getting ready to call for a rental bin from us.

The Dubail and Complex

If the name sounds like something you recognize from a famous resort here in North America, it should. The Dubailand complex is scheduled to be completed in 2025. It’s modeled after American type resorts like Walt Disney World. However, there is one big difference.

Three Walt Disney World’s will be able to fit inside this complex when it’s done. It’s slated to have the world’s largest hotel room with over 6000 rooms and a 10,000,000 ft.² shopping centre.

Big Project

Although that certainly is a big project, we can help with a variety of smaller jobs. The Mississauga waste bin rental choices we have are good for a variety of other materials beyond asphalt, bricks and concrete.

People who rent them from us use them for metals and glass as well as tile. If you’re involved in a home renovation and getting rid of some carpet, those can go in the bins we supply.

We can also take plaster and drywall off your hands.

Our clients are always impressed to find out that Essential Disposal is a company that takes recycling initiatives seriously. For example, most of the broken concrete we take away can be reused as a dry aggregate or a material for new projects.

South-to-North Water Transfer Project

The Chinese are ambitious people and this is considered to be one of the biggest projects in the world. The idea is to be able to divert water from one point to another. The amount is staggering because it equals billions of cubic meters per day.

This project is the biggest of its kind that’s ever been undertaken. The northern parts of China are dry. The water will be diverted from southern rivers and supply that part of the country. So far, it’s taken 50 years to get the planning done. Architects have a completion date of 2050 to move almost 45,000,000,000 m³ of water a year.

Mississauga Waste Bin Rental Choices on A Smaller Scale

The choices you have through us are on a smaller scale. However, we like to think that we are just as ambitious as the Chinese people and their South to North water transfer project.

We have been serving residents in the Mississauga area for many years. The dumpsters that we provide are delivered to your location and picked up. Our expert staff looks after all of the logistics so you don’t need to.

We can look after all of your needs. If you take a look at our website, you’ll see that there’s a button to click to get a quote and order a bin. It’s that easy to get started.

Henvey Inlet Wind Project

Finally, we thought we would include a Canadian mega construction project. The financing part of a 300 MW wind turbine project on the north shore of Georgian Bay is ready to go.

The Henvey Inlet Wind Project will cost $1 billion. It’s considered to be the largest project of its kind in Ontario. As well, it’s the largest on any reserve. The idea is to harness the wind racing across Georgian Bay and create jobs for the local economy.

Great Pride

None of the construction projects we help out with are as big. However, we take great pride in supplying disposal bins for a number of jobs. Essential Disposal is there when you need demolition and construction debris disposal. We offer decluttering and moving services as well as appliance waste disposal.

Different Services

There is a long list of the different services we provide on our website. Regardless of whether you’re in charge of a construction site or working on a project at home, we can help.

Please keep in mind that all of our bins can only be filled level with the very top. We want to be able to pull a tarp across so that it can be safely transported. If you’ve got any questions, get in touch. We are always happy to help you with a Mississauga waste bin rental from our company.