It doesn’t matter how well you treat an old stove or refrigerator, sooner or later you’ll need to hire for a waste bin rental in Mississauga to take that old appliance away. We know how awkward and cumbersome appliances can be. Why drag that old one down to the curb only to find out municipal bylaws won’t let it be picked up?

The safe way to dispose of those old appliances us through us at Essential Disposal Services. We’ve also added some extra tips to make sure household stoves and such are disposed of safely and legally.

Have A Plan 

Safety starts with a good plan. That begins before you even touch the appliance. Doing a little research about the laws and bylaws in your area will let you know how to dispose of it properly. Some municipalities ask you to book an appointment and remove any doors from things like refrigerators and freezers.

A better plan is to let us look after all of that for you with a waste bin rental in Mississauga that is environmentally friendly and affordable. If you’re trying to get rid of a large number of appliances ask about our prorated options.

Adopt Safe Methods 

Moving a heavy fridge can be awkward. Rule number one is that you don’t attempt to do it by yourself. Taking all the necessary precautions will help you avoid an injury or accident.

Rule number one is you need to use a dolly. These save your floors and your back at the same time. Rolling an old appliance out the door makes the process much easier. If you need a dolly to get that old refrigerator from the kitchen into one of our bins, a basic model makes the most sense. These generally have four casters and a 1000 pound capacity.

Here’s a few tips for disposing of specific appliances.

  • Make sure you pack up all the parts that are loose in the refrigerator. Put them in a secure container and don’t forget to include all the shelves and bins.
  • Don’t forget to clean the unit out and get rid of all the perishable food inside.
  • If you’re getting rid of a stove, make sure to clean the top so there’s no grease left. Double check that you pack all the removable parts safely away in a box.

Finally, consider emptying the water reservoir before you put a refrigerator in one of our waste bin rental in Mississauga units.