Our company offers a wide variety of disposal bin rental Brampton choices. When you rent a bin from us for any kind of project, you’ll get all the information you need. Check out our website and you will see what we mean.

For example, we have a list of the things that cannot go in the bin rental choices we have. You might be cleaning your garage out to make space or for a renovation. We want to help out but oil and gasoline as well as tires and chemicals cannot go in the bins we supply.

Other Items

The same goes for other items like propane cylinders and tanks. There’s a lot of information on our website. Quite a few of our clients asked how high they can fill our bins. We posted a few pictures so everyone would know only to fill them to the top of the rim.

Disposal Bin Rental in Brampton Options

We pride ourselves on that kind of transparency. Other clients who go through our website are surprised to find out we have a garden supply department. People are happy to see we offer a variety of installation services for garden supplies. Essential Disposal also offers excavation for gardens and walkways as well as patios.

There is also a grading and compacting service. We offer a wide variety of professional services to our clients. Our disposal bin rental in Brampton options are just one of these.


We are also happy to be informative. That means we’ve listed quite a few projects on the company website that fit with our excellent list of fine services. For example, clients who are cleaning out their house and getting rid of furniture looked to us. Some folks are getting rid of appliances in their home like that ancient refrigerator in the garage.

Other clients come to us for our organic waste, garden and yard disposal options.

Sod and Clean Fill Services Too

Not everyone is aware that our rental in Brampton services include clean fill and sod. There are always major construction projects in the GTA and around that area. On a smaller scale, we have residential clients that lay sod in the spring after the long harsh winters.

Landscape/ Shredded Topsoil

Some of our clients are redoing their yards. They need a bin to get rid of all the old trees and shrubs. Essential Disposal Services is there to help with that part of the project. However, we can be of even more use.

When the time comes, we have an excellent assortment of landscape/shredded topsoil choices. This product is run through a shredding machine so it comes out with an even mix. It’s extremely easy to rake and work with. There is no qualms or debris and you can use it for that new yard because it’s great under sod.


When clients come to us looking for this type of topsoil, we usually suggest premium triple mix. This is the product that’s mainly used in flowerbeds and gardens as well as underneath brand-new lawns.

If you take a look at the garden supply section of our website, you’ll see that we have a comprehensive inventory. If you’re looking for planting soil, or maybe even pine mulch, we have you covered.

You can get a free quote on these garden supply products simply by clicking the button on our site. Our priority is always 100% customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Wide Range

Here at Essential Disposal Services, we cover a wide range of all your needs whether you’re a homeowner or involved on a construction site. We have a wide range of different disposal bin rental Brampton options for you to look at.

We have been looking after disposal bin rentals in Brampton and surrounding areas for quite a while now. In that time, we have learned how to form personal relationships with all of our clients. We treat them all like members of our own family.


Remember, the dumpsters that we have in our inventory are great for different uses including home renovations. Other folks take advantage of the free quote and then order a bin when they are decluttering their home.

Garden Supply

The uses for these bins and our garden supply materials are only limited by your imagination. We deliver right across the GTA and into Brampton. Essential Disposal Services is proud to be affiliated with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Ontario Ministry of the environment.

We can help you out whether you are looking for at disposal bin rental Brampton or garden supply material. Why not get in touch with us today so we can help you with your next project?