Two critical parts of any roofing job are knowing which bin rental in Caledon you need from us and how to give an accurate estimate to your client.

You don’t want to underbid a job and lose the profit and or your client’s trust.

  • Inspecting and measuring the roof is one of the first things you should do. It’s a good time to ask the client questions about what kind of home may have, the type of roof they want, and how much they have in their budget. Measuring the roof comes next so you will know how much material is required. Don’t forget important measurements like the roof’s length and width as well as the pitch.
  • Next you need to come up with your overhead, labor, and material costs. Here are a few tips for the materials. Different types of shingles vary in price and that number can also change depending on your supplier. Don’t forget to add in costs like underlay, flashing, vents, and proper roofing nails.
  • Calculating the overhead costs can be a little tricky. These could include everything from renting office space to the software you need to depreciation on any equipment you use. It’s a little difficult to come up with an exact figure here. However, your estimate should be applied to each project you work on.

Consider our bin rental in Caledon services for the shingle disposal part of any project. This service is industry-leading and we’ve been serving the GTA and other areas for several years. Another advantage is the fact that we can deliver dumpsters and pick them up right from the site you’re working on.

Please read on for another suggestion on how to price a roofing job.

Roofing contractors need to make a profit. That’s what having a markup is all about.  It needs to include the cost of the labor, materials as well as overhead expenses to come out with a reasonable profit.

Your customers need to understand the markup isn’t all profit.

Essential Disposal can supply a free quote if you need a bin rental in Caledon to get a roofing job done. Getting in touch with us is as simple as filling out the form on our website. Our shingle disposal services are exceptional and our pricing is competitive.